Kosmo Records was founded in 1995 in a back yard in the Munich suburb of Haidhausen. Originally planned as an output channel and support for the Munich DJ scene, working closely together with the techno magazine "Partysan", the label progressed within a few short years to be one of the leading players on international dance music scene.

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What is the secret of Kosmo Records' success? Like the answers to all the big questions in life, this is really easy:

Kosmo Records makes music by DJs for DJs, perched on the fine line between Underground and Overground. Also, from day one, Kosmo Records has always placed value on the long-term international development of artists, and on advising promoting and marketing DJs like pop artists, taking on a hybrid role between label, music publisher, production company and management.

In 1992, the 25 year-old Michael Rank had the opportunity, in his capacity as Island label manager, to dine with the music legend Chris Blackwell, who discovered icons like Bob Marley and U2, in a classy restaurant by Lake Chiem in Bavaria, during the promotion of the Bob Marley "Songs Of Freedom" box set. That evening, the young music manager – who at the time already had the vision of his own label – asked his role model for some advice. Blackwell gave him the following tip:

„Only work with people you like“

Three years later, Michael Rank founded Kosmo Records, and since that day he has always tried to follow those words of wisdom.
Throughout the years, the independent label Kosmo Records has witnessed all the highs and lows in the music industry, had numerous international club and sales charts hits, and has seen independent labels, major companies, marketing organisations and music TV come and go.

At the very latest since 1997, Kosmo Records has been one of the world's leading dance labels. It was around before Kontor, Ultra and Armada, who we still have a great working relationship with, as always. Kosmo has written dance history – there is no doubt about that.

In 2002, Klaus Eickemeyer joined Kosmo Records as equal partner and general manager after his career at BMG and EMI, and since then, Michael and Klaus have been running Kosmo Records together as partners, but much more as friends.

And that's all the secrets for today...